The Nine Emotions (Navarasa)

This categorization is given in ancient Sanskrit text 'Natyashastra'


Dear friend, marching in the snow, \ Emerging from the sea blue, \ Always dressed smartly, you glow, \ I wish I could be you.

Princess of Moonlight

Do not cry beloved, \ Do not weep the pearl of my soul! \ You are in safety encircled by my loving care. \ The fierce tempest has passed away. \ The sunshine of bliss sends us its joyful greetings.

Little monster

Before thee mah life was hollow \ At that time emptiness was sorrow \ I use to smile seldom and sometime \ Life was just like new wine…

Tick Tock

Can I plead with you or has the deal already gone through \ Please respond, I know you are in there \ Please look back, before the tick meets the tock, and your time in this wicked world comes to a halt.


Marvelous are these Nyctophile, In that dull dingy night, They with those stars,


we flow from the water into the same water born we are to be unborn


Fat men Thin men Black men Yellow men Men that...

In his mirror

may he slow life \ enough to perceive \ beauty reflecting \ before him.

Familiar Hole

Our grief, our pain, \ our deep, deep sadness \ is a lot like a hole \ in the backyard, \ all in the family \ know that hole.

You Will Die

I don’t want to fall, \ More than I have, \ He came around once, \ Never really left.

New Walls

New surroundings, new walls, \ Smiles down every hall, \ I’ve been here before, \ Though I’m not keeping score.

holiday limbo

in the ill defined zone \ where the right voice \ can pull a smile \ out of an opaque dim

The noise of silence

Have you ever tried hearing \ through empty spaces \ Or watching beyond the horizon \ into a world of lost faces

Funny Bunny

Those evil day people do not belong here. \ No, they don’t belong in the night. \ Though darkness is their friend, my night consists of neuro-light.


‘CASTE’, not barely a word, \ but a mark of identity in this world, \ pursuant to which one is served

Stringent moulds of the world

Why is “acceptance” so hard and hypocrisy so easy \ Why the “garbage-filled minds” act so cool and breezy


Before you start your day \ And hide away your profile \ Please reconcile and remember this \ You should dismiss the voices \ Ignite the day, and walk all over it


In this beautiful storytelling, \ There’s no dwelling. \ I am the one. \ Aren’t we all?

Goddesses in fear

8... 17... or 45... age is just a number Girls being raped daily... and society is in deep...

Time out

You say I ain’t beautiful eh? \ I say I am not yours to prey \ You say I am not to be taken seriously? \ I say poor child,

Don’t judge me

You are not allowed to judge \ So, don’t you dare to judge me \ Even your judgement doesn’t matter


Hey, listen! See that girl in short clothes She isn't of character sober,...


New Walls


Princess of Moonlight

Time out

Little monster


Little monster

In love

An old soul

The Neglected Heroes

Words and us (Part I)


My Knight

The Neglected Heroes

Words and us (Part I)

The Innocents

The noise of silence