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Let’s Simplify Life

Do you remember how as kids we would simplify long equations to get the value of “y” \ I believe they were taught to us so that, later on, in life, larger problems we could simplify

Stringent moulds of the world

Why is “acceptance” so hard and hypocrisy so easy \ Why the “garbage-filled minds” act so cool and breezy

On your superannuation

Sparkling eyes and a smile that laced your face, \ Beaming with energy and swiftness in your pace..!

Infectious Smile

A curve on the lips that set things straight, \ An expression to escape that scolding whenever you are late..!

An old soul

When the morning dew drops bring you ecstasy When the fragrance of mangoes fills your heart

Change – the only constant

In the hustle of cities and blaring horns of the traffic... Somewhere... somehow... I feel I don’t fit in...!

Diwali- Make a Difference

A day that marks the homecoming of Lord Ram putting an end to Ayodhya's wait... Deepawali - A festival...

Goddesses in fear

8... 17... or 45... age is just a number Girls being raped daily... and society is in deep...

Happy Holi

Aroma of sweets and fragrance of blossoming spring...This festival of colors has its zeal and zing...! It brings out...



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