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New Walls

New surroundings, new walls, \ Smiles down every hall, \ I’ve been here before, \ Though I’m not keeping score.

Let’s Simplify Life

Do you remember how as kids we would simplify long equations to get the value of “y” \ I believe they were taught to us so that, later on, in life, larger problems we could simplify

holiday limbo

in the ill defined zone \ where the right voice \ can pull a smile \ out of an opaque dim

The noise of silence

Have you ever tried hearing \ through empty spaces \ Or watching beyond the horizon \ into a world of lost faces

Child in me

The child who wants to play chess \ The child who wants to make everything mess \ The child who wants to laugh again \ The child who wants to have relief for pain

Infectious Smile

A curve on the lips that set things straight, \ An expression to escape that scolding whenever you are late..!


Indeed are memories the most friendly foe

My She

She is wild yet tamed, She is chaotic yet so calm,


Here I sit, clearly confused, about the brain soberly boozed With...

Beginning from an end

Florets of dandelion, that escape in wind signals a new start more than...



I Love to…

Live the moment


New Walls



To Keep Alive!

In his mirror

My She

Goddesses in fear


My Knight

The Neglected Heroes

Familiar Hole

The noise of silence

The Innocents