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Dear friend, marching in the snow, \ Emerging from the sea blue, \ Always dressed smartly, you glow, \ I wish I could be you.

Princess of Moonlight

Do not cry beloved, \ Do not weep the pearl of my soul! \ You are in safety encircled by my loving care. \ The fierce tempest has passed away. \ The sunshine of bliss sends us its joyful greetings.

Little monster

Before thee mah life was hollow \ At that time emptiness was sorrow \ I use to smile seldom and sometime \ Life was just like new wine…

My sister – my soul

My sister is my soul, \ And to be like her is my ultimate goal, \ I am lucky to have her in my life, \ Yet we never leave a chance to get into strife,

Husband and Wife

Both stay together \ Along with differences \ But share a bond \ Where no other can be selfish

Seven Vows

It's the bond, that we have in body and mind, \ Love to appreciate the miracle that we find, \ When you are beside me, it's been a wonderful voyage, \ Whatever the situation, for me, I know you will always manage.

On your superannuation

Sparkling eyes and a smile that laced your face, \ Beaming with energy and swiftness in your pace..!

A stranger

You are the charmer, the dreamer, the conqueror of my heart, \ I never want a day in my life, where I and you are apart

My Knight

When you hold me soo close, I find myself blossoming like a rose,

Happy Holi

Aroma of sweets and fragrance of blossoming spring...This festival of colors has its zeal and zing...! It brings out...



I Love to…

Live the moment


New Walls


My She

My sister – my soul



I Love to…


My Knight

The Neglected Heroes

Familiar Hole

The noise of silence

The Innocents