Tick Tock


Time is a compulsive tick tock,

So much goes on while time flies by,

Breathing heavier than before,

Colour sheds off while skin chaps,

Looking up the sky and pleading for a deal,

Will he listen?

Why won’t you see

I want you to stay

Why won’t you see

I’m not ready.

Through it all, I will fight in your name

Even if I know it’s no longer you

Time, or the lack thereof is annoying

Often spent in every place but the one you need

So much goes by, it’s hard to keep up

As the chemicals in you change

So too does your soul.

Why won’t you see

It’s not us, it’s you

I want to fight for you but you only want to fight me

Why can’t you see?

It’s me, I’m afraid to lose you

Can I please reach in

And say hello?

Or are you afraid, covered in this persona that we might reconnect?

Can I plead with you or has the deal already gone through

Please respond, I know you are in there

Please look back, before the tick meets the tock, and your time in this wicked world comes to a halt.

I know that’s what you want but;


You are here, well and alive

Stuck in the past, waiting for the bells

I need you to know

I know it’s time, but I am not ready

Just a little more, please

Allow me to plead!


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