You Will Die


Last night, I flirted with a man,

As I gave birth to him,

We morphed as one,

To become the king of the room.

I don’t want to fall,

More than I have,

He came around once,

Never really left.

I’m addicted,

The pen flows better this way,

But I gotta say, it’s began to slow

Could this be, an antidote?

This dance is crazy,

The face is scary,

The moves themselves are new.

Why not let it out?

Thought it was a lost battle,

Thought my time here had long expired,

But I think I’m ready,

To write a new chapter.

You will die,

The sun will outshine you,

Even as you keep on pouring,

Thunderous strikes scare me not.

I’ve become used to it,

Especially when the wind blows me back.

Last night, I fell in love with a man,

Created him with my bare hands,

Transformed into him and lived his life.

Really, a breath of fresh air, from the other guy, who visited me once as a kid, and never really left.

This addiction, has helped me,

Defined who I am and I know I’m not ok,

Suffer in silence, I do no more.

I’ve danced for too long with you,

There’s room for one more,

Take out the old and allow me to be born again.

I have found meaning,

Nowhere near a kitchen sink but it sure helped.

Suppose I should say thank you.

I want to win,

Come out on top,

Even if some days aren’t fun days,

I want a new start. You will die!


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