In this beautiful storytelling,

There’s no dwelling.

I am the one.

Aren’t we all?

I want to build my own legacy,

Won’t you listen while I speak,

Let me fulfill my destiny,

Your perspectives are bleak,

I’ve discovered my identity,

Do you really think you’re unique?

Rules were set by my predecessors,

Creative mind, fertile imagination,

After my father, came the professors,

At every turn there was hesitation,

Shaped me up to have superiors,

I would like to make a declaration,

Suits and ties make me look all serious,

Imagine the scene, were I to hang from one.

Waited so long, following rules,

So tired of being a sheep,

Withered my hope at all my schools,

All my genius has been sound asleep,

Why are we all such fools,

Zombie state has slowly creeped,

Now I don’t know if I have the tools.

Wanted to start a new reign,

Tried to revive myself and start anew,

But the shackles of pain remained,

And so I knew,

I failed.

Gripped by negativity, I stopped all my activity,

Why can’t I move, as I try to improve,

Gravity came and tested my impassivity,

Removed my words as I could not disprove.

Silence is golden, quit your positivity.

The words have already won, I don’t approve.

Confined to this story,

There’s no dwelling,

I am one.

Aren’t we all?


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