An old soul


When the morning dew drops bring you ecstasy

When the fragrance of mangoes fills your heart

When the touch of books, gives you pleasure

When a ‘kadak chai‘ is indispensable for your day to start

When partying all night is not your forte

When ‘papdi chat‘ still beats that pasta roll

When staying at home gives you comfort

When on your life, social media has taken a toll

When in the world of beer fads, you prefer a glass of wine

When instead of going for buffets, you love classy places to dine

When you find beauty in the breaking of dawn

When rather than a gym workout, you prefer a walk in your lawn

When chirping of birds bring you joy

When you love the company of kids, naughty or coy

You know you are an old soul trapped in some 20 years old

You know that new will always be silver and as they say – old is gold!


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