Let’s Simplify Life


Do you remember how as kids we would simplify long equations to get the value of “y

I believe they were taught to us so that, later on, in life, larger problems we could simplify

Growing up isn’t cool at all because everything gets entangled

As kids, we could express ourselves, but now emotions are strangled

In the era of Facebook likes, giving compliments has taken a backseat

Be it love, anger, or hatred, everything is covered under the veil

Holding grudges and bottling up stuff has now taken people to therapists

Why can’t we open our hearts to each other and straighten this life full of twists

Those fake Smiles have now replaced peels of laughter

Let us be more human and avoid visits to the doctor

Life is too short to be lost in fretting over silly talk

It is too beautiful to be lost in sitting alone in the dark

For every minute of sadness, you lose 60 seconds of happiness they say

Why not then break open the chains and let your soul go astray


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