On your superannuation


Sparkling eyes and a smile that laced your face,

Beaming with energy and swiftness in your pace..!

Hardly do we find people who are so patient and calm,

Sir, you could calm down a depressed soul with your affection and charm..!

To have a positive attitude and to “live in the moment” is something we need to learn from you,

With the indomitable spirit to face the challenges, there was no one you couldn’t woo…!

May you continue to spread this positivity post superannuation,

May each moment of your life be a joyous celebration..!

May the years ahead bring you good health and happiness always,

May the zeal and enthusiasm occupy your second phase..!

In the span of two and a half years, you have left an indelible mark,

Each of us will miss you and your invincible spark..!

P.S. This poem was written on occasion of superannuation of Poet’s mentor (see pic).


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