Stringent moulds of the world


A girl is told she isn’t beautiful as she is not pearly white

Why can’t we see the artist in her and her mind that is so bright

Fat kids are judged and advice comes pouring from every door

Skinny ones aren’t spared either and are termed as “kamzor

Someone will comment on the colour of your hair and someone will point out your height

Why as a society we pull down others underestimating their talent and might

Why the colour of skin matters when our beloved is Lord Krishan

Why the bulge on someone’s body matters to us when they are happy in their skin

Why is “acceptance” so hard and hypocrisy so easy

Why the “garbage-filled minds” act so cool and breezy

Every day kids are taught that beauty lies in the heart

Then why do body shaming products fill our shopping cart

Love yourself and others the way God has created them

Each one is unique, beautiful and everything that lives is a gem


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