Princess of Moonlight


Do not cry beloved,

Do not weep the pearl of my soul!

You are in safety encircled by my loving care.

The fierce tempest has passed away.

The sunshine of bliss sends us its joyful greetings.

Our sufferings are just drops of water

That dry away in the warm weather.

We are together without any separation.

There are no quarrels and divisions between us.

Fears and doubts are far away from us.

I love you more and more each day.

Your nice black hair

And your unforgettable eyes

Are always in my mind.

Your purity of soul is my delightful paradise.

Your tender nature is my comfort.

Your faithfulness draws me to you

From the distance of time and space.

You are my star, my pleasure and my inspiration.

You are the princess of the moonlight

That pours into my soul poetic music.


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