Familiar Hole


Our grief, our pain,

our deep, deep sadness

is a lot like a hole

in the backyard,

all in the family

know that hole.

We’ve stepped in it,

been tripped up,

fallen hard when

we didn’t give the

respect deserved.

All yards get holes.

We don’t forget them.

We learn to walk

around them.

No bright flag needed

to mark their location.

And we don’t have to

stumble in them

every damn day.


  1. Deeper than those darn holes, are the thoughts and meanings inspired by the author! Inquiry within our own backyard holes to hopefully fill it back in for good, or at least insert a ladder to help climb out of the bad and or perhaps just understand them a little bit more.

  2. Yep, those family pains certainly can be a dark void in the familial relationships and in the backyard. Those hurts and pains can be magnified by the holidays. Well written reminder.


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