Seven Vows


When we start, it’s with seven vows of marriage,

But ends up with you, me, kids and lot of carriage

You promise me for nourishment,

And I promise prosperity and enrichment

You promise me for strength and protection,

I promise to work for your optimization

You promise me to be wealthy together,

I promise before you, everything will be minor

You promise me to share your joy and sorrow,

I promise your happiness is my only vow

You promise me to have children,

I promise to be with you in all thick and thin

You promise to share all divine work,

I promise to lit up your life like a firework

You promise me to be always friends,

I promise nobody’s self-esteem to ever bend

It’s the bond, that we have in body and mind,

Love to appreciate the miracle that we find,

When you are beside me, it’s been a wonderful voyage,

Whatever the situation, for me, I know you will always manage.


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