‘CASTE’, not barely a word,

but a mark of identity in this world,

pursuant to which one is served

It decides one’s vocation,

also the character and the domination

Still, we chant that we are identical God’s creation

More than personality,

surnames are valued

When traits match not one’s expectations,

about it we always brood

This is taught to us, early in our childhood

According to this, God’s are allocated,

leaders are nominated,

and place of worship is always debated

Of this system of caste,

prejudgement is the main attribute

Enough it is, to know about your money, beauty and aptitude

Nuptials and relations of love,

without its acceptance, are all bluff

This world

could have been an epitome of Peace,

if this system of casteism, one could cease,

one could cease!


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