Hey, listen!

See that girl in short clothes

She isn’t of character sober,

Is all what I have heard

She surely is a tart

Look her skinny jeans

To give hints, is all what it means

Did you see her pout?

It’s just a way to call up for a night out

Who is that boy on her door?

Agh… She is such a whore

How can you let her go alone?

Don’t you know how unsafe the time is,

Or do you want to see her with clothes torn?

See, all that makeup,

She must be desiring a hookup

Oh my Gosh! Look that hour hand on 2 in the clock,

Is that the time when she should give her home’s door a knock?

She doesn’t even know how to cook,

For a girl, useless are all these books

You know she is getting a divorce,

She must have done something wrong

Else this wouldn’t have happened of course

Did you hear that she didn’t get a boy as her child first?

Oh my, pardon!

Why to this poor soul you did this worst!

This is our Indian society’s language different

Or am I right if I call it a discriminant?


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