Yes, you read it correctly

Despite being a girl Indian

I am mentioning it that easily

Now you are not an Indian true

If you don’t judge my character,

If now you don’t call me shameless,

Or you don’t call me brainless,

But buddy I still believe,

I make more sense

Hey sister! Listen,

Sanitary pad is modernity,

In Akshay Kumar’s hand

But of course, not in ours

After all, we are Indian women

Hey aunty! You know

I don’t whisper,

For a packet of Whisper,

And take it without covering it whole,

Even in front of a mister

Hey you teen!

I know, blood on a girl’s skirt

You never have seen

That’s why to make a mockery of it,

You are always that keen

But baby boy,

That girl, even when she bleeds

Will still play in the midfield

Hey bro! You flaunt your strength

Have that pain of contractions with a smile

Throughout, for a day

Let me warn you, it isn’t a child’s play

Still, about it, you people have a lot to say

Hey, society! You know am a badass?

Because I do something massively sinful

Being impure, I go to the temple

And touch all that holy stuff

Yes, I do make your purity a bluff

I know it all, but why

To me, Goddess Laxmi said

That chill bro! I am a woman too

Ones barring you from entering my temple,

Are actually who?

Come baby girl, and to them

Just say fuck you.


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