The Neglected Heroes


You don’t want to eat,

with the farmer who grows your wheat

You want sanitation workers to clean your sewer,

But offended you feel, when they come near

You drink even cow’s urine,

But you make sure, that cowherd,

even on your car, mustn’t lean

You want to ornament your neck with jewels fine

But then filthy you call all those workers of mine

To a beggar, you give books, blankets, food, and what not

You do great work for charity

But then your Instagram’s story depicts the filmed reality

Crackers you don’t want to get banned,

After all, they aren’t made by your child’s little hand

When your maid, on the floor, leaves a bit of litter

You scold her for this minutest sin,

But you will not teach your child to use dustbin

For getting disrespectful, your child, you beat and blame

But would not teach him to stop calling elder workers by their name



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