Again, I saw those homo-sapiens,

Bizarre weren’t they,

But unique were these beings

May address them his or her, I asked

Replied they with a laugh,

call us whatever, because at last,

we are unlikeable god’s craft

A derisive laugh, I couldn’t restrain,

not on them today,

but on my mentality

that I realized isn’t that sane.

Then described she, herself as a woman

trapped inside the body of a man.

That makes her stand in the mid-way,

with her family away.

With a tear in the eye, smile on the face,

She told how disrespectful for them is this place

from her sprawling bungalow, she, at seven, was thrown away

Now for her food, she begs to pay

Then came home I, with a feeling of awe for them

An INDIAN named Gauri Sawant I came through,

then curious became I, to read she is actually who

Read then I that…. by her father, at eighteen

she was told that what a shame she always has been

to throw her away, he was then very keen

now a kind of activist and mother she is

that this world never has seen

On nobody’s back, now she leans

with confidence, she faces all screens

Respect is what, every human deserves

Don’t worry, your God is there to observe.


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